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Fair Labor Standard Act Defense Law Firm

FLSA Law Firm, Silverberg & Weiss, PA, defends Fair Labor Standard Act cases exclusively for employers.  The lead FLSA Law Firm partner is Paul K. Silverberg, whose FLSA litigation experience includes successfully taking employee claims to Federal jury trial and assisting clients in successfully limiting their liability and damages.  In addition, we assist clients in employee business (pre-litigation) planning and avoiding potential FLSA claims.

We are renowned for its representation of owners and executives in both employee related litigation and transactional matters, such as employment and separation agreements, ownership agreements and for its representation of employers in litigation and arbitration in wage and hour claims, EEOC, discrimination and retaliation claims, non-competes, FLSA, breaches of contract, restrictive covenants, violation of Florida Trade Secret Act, worker’s compensation defense and more matters on behalf of employers.

Managing partner Paul Silverberg said, “While we already represent clients throughout the nation, we are excited to assist more South Florida companies. FLSA defense is a great fit for our business law firm.”

Although we handle FLSA law throughout the nation, our offices are located in Florida. The telephone numbers are (954) 384-0998, (561) 651-0998, (813) 803-0998 and (305) 280-0095.


About The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Law Firm

FLSA Law Firm represents employers and its executives, owners and partners, in all industries and professions. As advocates for FLSA defense, the firm’s attorneys advise and represent clients in matters involving former employees, current employees and potential future employees. More information is available at www.flbusinessattorneys.com

Contact: (954) 384-0998, (561) 651-0998, (813) 803-0998 and (305) 280-0095.

Florida FLSA Firm Attorneys

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Paul K. Silverberg, Esq.

Kraig S. Weiss, Esq.

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Francisco A. Corrales, Esq.

Nicole Paolino, Esq.

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