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Defending Employers

Protecting Businesses in Florida

In our experience, Defending Employers in FLSA claims requires experience and background in business law.  The current case cannot be seen as isolated situation but a potential test case for further employee and ex-employees litigation.  A careful strategy in the litigation should be paired with adjustments in the current business operations.

Employees and ex-employees will utilize both Federal and Florida law to gain an advantage over employers.  The fundamentals of these labor laws was to protect the underpaid and disadvantaged employee.  However, some employees (and ex-employees) have flooded the system and utilized these laws to take advantage of employers‘ fear of litigation (and cost of litigation) to gain a quick settlement.

Employment Defense Lawyer

The Employer defense attorneys at Silverberg & Weiss provide unparalleled legal advice and representation to businesses that are faced with employee claims, fraudulent claims and third party liability. The firm is prepared to zealously advocate the rights and interests of small businesses, large corporations and their executives and owners.

The defense legal team takes great pride in the fact that they serve their clients with the highest level of personal attention and service, as well as a proven ability to defend them in and out of the courtroom.  Silverberg & Weiss is well versed and experienced in a wide range of defense matters and will apply the skill, creativity and fortitude to fight for the best possible result in every case. The firm provides skilled legal support to business clients in all types of matters, including but not limited to employment defense, employment discrimination, retaliation claims, wrongful termination, workers’ compensation defense, hostile work environment, state audits, whistleblower claims, uninsured employers, Department of Labor investigations, Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), wage & hour claims, under reporting of payroll, willful misconduct, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), professional employer organizations (PEOs), client service agreements, internal policies and appellate law.

For proven representation, contact an employment defense attorney at Silverberg & Weiss now for assistance at (954) 384-0998, (561) 651-0998, (813) 803-0998 or (305) 280-0095.

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