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Federal Fair Labor Standards Act

Attorney Represents Employers with FLSA Issues

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes rules regarding compensation of employees and requires that employers comply with the Act, including maintaining accurate payroll and hour records. It is important to have a workplace that complies with FLSA and an internal policy that protects against FLSA claims to protect your business and assets. A situation where there are actual or alleged violations, it is important to contact a Florida employment defense attorney for legal guidance and advice. Silverberg & Weiss understands not only business law, but are defense attorneys knowledgeable in all areas of employment law to offer an effective defense when dealing with employee litigation and government (Department of Labor) audits and investigations.  The firm protects clients during all phases of litigation and proceedings concerning issues of FLSA and employers throughout Florida.

FLSA Regulations

Employers can benefit from the professional legal services of Silverberg & Weiss, who provide pre-litigation education, compliance, as well as representation and protection of company’s interests during hearings and administrative proceedings concerning FLSA. The Federal Fair Labor and Standards Act regulate the following:
•Minimum wage
•Overtime pay
•Record keeping
•Misclassification as exempt employees

FLSA affects nearly all employers in the private and public sector.

For problems with FLSA compliance and challenges from an employee or ex-employee, it is best to seek immediate legal advice. A FLSA defense attorney can minimize exposure for the current claim and future claims.  Silverberg & Weiss has the experience and resources necessary to fight claims and defend litigation brought against employers and its owners. We understand the importance of providing personal service to our clients knowing the importance of keeping a business running during times of difficulty and stress. Make an appointment today for a consultation with an experienced defense attorney regarding FLSA issues.

Contact Silverberg & Weiss for legal assistance at (954) 384-0998, (561) 651-0998, (813) 803-0998 and (305) 280-0095.

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